Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred photo album

  • Scared Of The Dark
    Looks like something woke Fred up and scared him silly! We wonder what it was...Either way, we love those Pjs!
  • Up To No Good
    Pitchforks, wire cutters and evil vampires, OH MY! We caught Carlos Knight red-handed partaking in some Halloween mischief!
  • Curious Concoctions
    Fred and Bertha sure do have alot of stuff in their hands. They are most definitely scheming up something big!
  • Bonkers Bertha
    Is bertha losing her mind or does she have a master plan up her sleeve to help Fred?
  • Undead Fred?
    Fred is all decked out like a villainous vamp! Is this just a costume or could he have been bitten by a vampire bat?
  • Light Bulb!
    Fred just sparked an idea. We wonder what it is...
  • Oh My Gammit!
    Kevin is up to no good again, but it looks like Fred's in real trouble this time!
  • Don't Mess With Bertha!
    Bertha does NOT look like a happy camper and we know better then to mess with Bertha when she's angry...
  • Angry Mob
    Wooden stakes? Pitchforks?...These guys look like they are seriously scared of something! Run away, and don't look back!!
  • Bad Hair Day
    Is Fred just having some trouble controlling his hair? Or is he turning into a werewolf?!
  • Trick or Treat
    What's Fred going to be for Halloween? Why, SpongeBob of course! We wonder what kind of candy is given out in Bikini Bottom...
  • SpongeBob Under Attack!
    Spongebob is about to run into some above-water trouble...Where's your pineapple when you need it?!
  • Mom Alert
    Is this Fred's mom's Halloween costume? Or is this her everyday style? LOL.
  • Stakeout
    When a vampire moves next door, Fred's whole life is at stake. Literally!
  • Like Father, Like Son
    Fred's dad could take on Mr. Devlin. But can Fred follow in his father's footsteps?
  • Bite To Eat
    Watch out Fred! Mr. Devlin might be taking a bite out of more than his noodles...
  • Music Theory
    Fred's gotta theory...that his music teacher is a villainous vampire!
  • Getaway Car
    Can Fred and Bertha out run evil nightcrawlers in this yellow striped tricycle?
  • Ready, Aim, Fire!
    Fred can take on any evil monster with this ghost-busting back pack!
  • Can I Take Your Order?
    Bertha goes undercover as a vampire-hunting waitress! Uhh, we'll have the garlic fries, please!
  • Twilight Fight!
    It's time to face the vampires. And we only have one question...Are you team Fredward?
  • Movie Melody
    Fred plays out a grand finale tune on (what else?) a grand piano!
  • Prepare for Winter
    Ariel Winter takes on the role of Talia in this frightening and funny Fred flick.
  • In-Season Styles
    Ariel Winter is looking extra cool in these fab fashions that she rocks in Fred 2!