FRED the Show: Camping Memoirs photo album

  • IWannaPeePee On You
    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was...Camp IWannaPeePee.
  • False Advertisement
    It didn't seem right at first - in fact, it felt TOTALLY WRONG! For a bus that promised tons of fun, it was obvious that the only thing Fred wanted to follow was the road back home.
  • Safety First
    That Croca-Beara-Moose better get a helmet, because when Fred gets scared, his defense mechanism involves a stick and a serious beat down.
  • BFFs
    Poor Fred didn't have an easy time getting adjusted to camp life. Luckily, he was able to come across some seasoned IWannaPeePee campers who didnt mind taking him in.
  • BURPinator
    Camp teaches us a lot of things - like, how to win a contest by burping for the longest time, for example.
  • The Rat Hole
    Forget a tree house! It's all about the pimped out tree trunk! Munchies and games in a top-secret hangout space? SCORE!
  • Not so Superior
    Kevin and his evil minion, Diesel, thought they were going to tear the campgrounds up with their nature raps, but fancy pants Camp Superior finally met its match!
  • Camping Rockettes
    The Camp Games were cool, until Fred & Co. made them EPIC with their song-dance-rap number. If this crew is what Losers are made of, count us in!
  • Riddle Me This
    Whoever said that breaking a 69 year old curse was impossible obviously hadn't met the one who would lead them all to victory. Hint: rhymes with Bread Fiddlecorn.
  • Unsuspecting Victim
    A ridiculously cool fire rocket named El Diablo didn't stop after its destruction of the yucky outhouse. It almost blew this unlucky camper to smithereens!
  • Can you DIG it?
    Don't look so glum, chum! Why treat a rash with Aloe Vera when you've got Servana?
  • Healing Potion
    Is toothpaste the new cure-it-all? Even though IWannaPeePee nurse, Servana seems to think so, no one ever seems to mind!
  • Winning
    Camp is camp right? WRONG! What camp do you know that has three legged horses, insanely cool camp competitions, kooky counselors and epic friendships? Only IWannaPeePee, of course.
  • Super Friends
    What's better than one head? Four heads! And when these four heads unite, the recipe for an unforgettable summer comes into full effect!
  • Fate or Luck?
    How could Fred have gotten by without Spoon, Chatter, Magoo and Dig? The world may never know, and that's a thumbs up!
  • Rub A Dub-Dub
    This easy-going nature-nut is known to love two things - the great outdoors, and everything IWannaPeePee!