FRED the Show: Class Election photo album

  • Show Debut!
    Rachel Crow makes her first appearance on FRED: The Show as 'Starr,' Fred's campaign manager for his class president run!
  • Dramatic Democracy
    Looks like Starr brings some theatrics to the presidential race. With that adorable outfit, she has our vote!
  • Cunning Kevin
    Kevin's campaign rests on the promise of new 'No Fred Zones' at school if he wins. So mean!
  • Scare Tactics
    Kevin seems pretty convincing, so Fred and Starr better have some tricks up their sleeves!
  • Uncle Fred
    Fred wants YOU to vote for him, and in that crazy outfit, we're too scared to say no.
  • Spelling Signs
    Those posters are sure to win Fred the vote. You need Fred to spell friend and fluoride. (Wait, what?) LOL!
  • Victory Pose
    Did Fred win the election?? He's definitely celebrating something, but with a tough competitor like Kevin, we can't know for sure!
  • Singing Starr
    Starr is too much of a 'star' to simply be a campaign manager. She wants to run for prez too! Can you say drama??
  • Cute Competition
    An innocent face like that wouldn't purposely tarnish the good names of Kevin and Fred...or would she?
  • Starr Politician
    Starr totally has her campaign face on. And we're aching to know who's going to win!