FRED the Show: Flour Baby photo album

  • Fred & Frarr
    There comes a time in every boy's life when he must learn how to take care of a sack of flour. Err, right?
  • Home Ecstasy
    Fred looks thrilled by the idea of having a flour baby of his very own! We just hope he's a responsible dad...
  • Frenchy Father
    Is Fred going through a French phase? Hope he doesn't turn flour baby into souffle!
  • Stroll in the Park
    Fred and Starr make great parents, and look, Frarr's first smile!
  • Trading Glances
    Upon meeting strangers, these devoted parents become very protective over their little bundle of ground grain.
  • Newsflash
    Uh oh, have Fred and Starr lost Frarr?! We hope search parties are checking every bakery in town!
  • Fear for Frarr
    These parents are so worried! After all, Frarr isn't even a baby bun yet!
  • Comic Relief
    The mood lightens up with some dramatic distraction, and what a lovely bouquet!
  • Drama Diva
    Her name isn't Starr for nothin'! This gal loves being in the spotlight, and looks great doing it.
  • Parasol Pose
    So what if it isn't raining on stage? That adorable parasol is the perfect addition to that outfit!