Fred The Show: "Love Potion" photo album

  • For Science!
    Fred has no clue what his science fair project will be. This one doesn't look very 'science-y' to us!
  • A Giggly Figgly
    Did Fred find the perfect science project after all? Feels like an "A" to us!
  • Lending an Ear
    Green bread and ham...or was it green eggs and ham? Whatever you do, don't eat the moldy green bread Fred!
  • My Mom Ate My Science Project
    Totally unfair! How will Fred impress Nicolette now?
  • Note: This May Cause Hiccups
    Fred's got a new plan, and like a good friend, Bertha stands by her pal and his crazy ideas.
  • Back to the Drawing Board
    Take 2! Looks like Fred will have to work extra hard on this one if he wants to win over the girl of his dreams.
  • ...And Cut!
    The Figglehorns take a break from experimenting. Practice makes perfect!
  • Fred the Science Guy
    Fred's got a notion for potion. Time to test this lovey dovey concoction.
  • A Rose for a Rose?
    Last try! Let's hope Fred knows what he's in for.
  • Smells like L-O-V-E
    Love is in the air! Looks like someone got more than what they bargained for. Will it have the same effect on Nicolette?