Fred: The Show - "Fred and the Scary Movie" photo album

  • Wild Thing
    His new crush just so happens to be the school's "bad girl", and suddenly, Fred's feeling kinda dangerous.
  • A Word of Advice
    To catch a rebel, you must first think like one - and those glasses are anti-lady magnets!
  • Geared Up
    Anything can happen when you watch a scary movie, so why not be prepared? After all, protecting your date is important!
  • Villains Be Bygone
    Garlic to ward off evil vampires? Check! Head light in case it gets too dark? Check! Fred's got this scary movie date all under control!
  • Dangerous Weapons
    Whoa! Are those metal spin wheels on that broom?! Now we don't know who we should be more afraid of...the scary movie, or Fred!
  • Love Struck
    Holly has "mean girl" written all over her, but Fred doesn't seem to mind one bit!
  • Oh, Romeo!
    Don't let the suspenders fool you! When the creepy crawlers come out at night, Fred's ready to do anything to protect his leading lady and take them down!