Fred: The Show - "Evil Fred" photo album

  • Taking the Lead
    Not only does Fred Figglehorn have his own show, but now he's the lead singer of his very own band!
  • Evil Eyes
    Lucas Cruikshank puts on his villainous glare to become 'Evil Fred'. Do you think he took some tips from Kevin?
  • That's the Ticket!
    Fred may have scored some sweet seats, but this might a one way ticket to trouble.
  • Jump for Joy
    Scoring sweet concert tix is cause for celebration. But Fred, no jumping on the bed!
  • Eeek!
    If you thought Fred's voice was high, just wait 'til you hear him scream!
  • Finders Keepers
    Uh oh! It looks like Fred's mom has got a hold of his prized possession. Could she be in for a brush with Evil Fred?
  • Vote for Fred
    Fred's gearing up for a new campaign. But beware! Too much power could be dangerous...
  • On Duty
    Fred might be stuck doing chores, but he's got a plan to get himself out of this mess!