Fred: The Show - "The Expired Cow" photo album

  • Matching Wits
    How do you stop an Expired Cow from ruining your baked goods? Everyone knows it's with a Jenga duel. Fred should really stop drinking expired milk.
  • Risky Drinking
    Expired milk? Right, what does that come from, an expired cow? It's totally safe to drink...right?
  • Tantalizing Treat
    Fred and Bertha (mostly Bertha) bake a beautiful cake for home economics...mmm.
  • Karate Skills
    Steve's awesome 30-second training montage continues as Fred tries to punch through a plank! Can he do it?! Hint: Not really.
  • Hallucinating Training
    Giant talking cookie Steve takes a 'do as I say, not as I do!' approach to training Fred for battle!
  • Huge Mess
    There's only one way to recover from a long day of baking: milk 'n cookies, fresh out of the box!