Fred: The Show - "Teen Sitter" photo album

  • MC Figglehorn
    Can we have your attention please? Fred's putting on a show as the new neighborhood babysitter!
  • PJ Time!
    Okay, Kevin! It's time to put on your pink footie pajamas! Revenge is nice, isn't it? Muahaha.
  • Life Saver
    Fred, we know you've got a life jacket, but you might need more than that to stay afloat in an argument with Kevin!
  • Flipping Out
    Babysitting is tough work. And Fred Figglehorn is starting to flip out! Literally!
  • Hold Me!
    Wow. Thing must REALLY be bad if Fred is hugging his arch enemy Kevin!
  • Overboard
    With this babysitting disaster, Fred is finding himself in hot water. But does he really need a floatation device?
  • The Bright Side
    Could things be looking up for Fred on his first babysitting gig? Stay positive, people!
  • Grand Finale
    Wahoo! Fred spent the day with Kevin and survived! This is cause for celebration.