Fred: The Show - "Lemon Fred" photo album

  • Hired Help
    Fred's new lemonade stand business is booming! So like any savvy businessman, why not hire an employee?
  • Say Cheese
    The secret to a successful business? Happy employees! :)
  • Fly Threads
    This Figglehorn's fashion sense is right on target. When life gives you lemons...wear 'em!
  • Just Swirlin'
    Swirly straws are HACKING AWESOME! What better way to start off a work day then with a refreshing, cool drink? Yum!
  • Festive Apparel
    This picture makes us want to shake some maracas. Too bad it's also making us extra thirsty..
  • Fun at Work
    Looks like this employee is having a little TOO much fun! Fred might need to keep a closer eye on him...
  • Money-Maker
    Who knew lemons could make a guy so happy? We're glad Fred stuck to his guns about this idea!
  • Say What?!
    Oh-oh...whatever Fred's hearing is sure making him sour. Looks like someone's about to be deep in trouble!