House of Anubis: Cute Couples of Anubis! photo album

  • Late Night Snack
    Joy knows the best way to get close to Fabian is through his stomach!
  • Loving gaze
    Jerome might be actually trying to buckle down and study, but Mara can't take her eyes off him!
  • Interrupted
    Being young and in love can be quite difficult with Alfie in the house...
  • Teamwork
    Joy and Fabian can get nice and cozy together while still getting work done!
  • So Dreamy
    KT loves to watch Eddie do what he does best...try to talk himself out of trouble!
  • Glowing Amber
    When his gf is beaming like that, how could Alfie not be happy?
  • Pleeeease?
    Jerome isn't afraid to beg for help but looks like Mara finds it less than appealing...
  • Forgive & Forget?
    Looks like Fabian has some convincing of his own to do... HOA gals sure are forgiving!
  • Jer-oh-no
    We understand why you're upset Mara, no teacher will believe your boyfriend ate your homework!
  • Good-Cop, Bad-Cop
    KT sure knows how to grill 'em. When these two interrogate you, you're in trouble!
  • Headscratcher
    She may be puzzled by his investigation tactics, but KT still supports Eddie all the way!
  • High-Five
    Item or not, Joy and Fabian work better together than PB & J.
  • In Hiding
    Don't look so worried Eddie, KT will be fine as long as she's with you!
  • All Smiles
    Will 'Jabian' become the new hot couple in the House of Anubis?
  • Grown Apart
    Patricia and Eddie look so distant lately! Wonder if KT has anything to do with it...?
  • Trouble in Paradise
    Someone doesn't look very 'Joy'ful... What did Fabian do now??
  • Group Hug
    Everyone is sad to see Amber leave, but Alfie is definitely squeezing the tightest!
  • Aww!
    Don't worry Alfie, Amber is sad too! You guys can make it work no matter the distance!