House of Anubis: Season 3 photo album

  • Who's That?
    Something snap-worthy catches Eddie's eye, but we've got ours on the mysterious new American girl KT...
  • Sassy KT
    Well we already know one thing, you prob shouldn't mess with her or you'll get the cold stare!
  • Pat's Back
    We have a feeling KT's sassiness will be right at home with Patricia's sarcasm.
  • Devious Denby
    The new teacher Mrs. Denby may seem sweet, but there's more to her than meets the eye...
  • Perfect Proof
    If you need evidence that Mrs. Denby is up to no good, she's hanging with Mr. Sweet and Victor!
  • Sibuna Reunion
    The Sibuna team is back on the case to solve the mysteries of Anubis!
  • Amfie
    Perhaps the biggest mystery of them all, will Amber and Alfie continue to be an item?!
  • Dungeon Danger
    Hey, wasn't Mrs. Denby just hanging around that door? Sounds like trouble!
  • Secret Sarcophagi
    What has a hundred year old pact with an Egyptian god done to the House of Anubis?
  • Ghostly Grave
    Ah, the grave of Frobisher Smythe, what dark secrets lie there?
  • Haunted Home
    It may appear welcoming, but we know this house is more than it seems...
  • The House Awaits
    Will Eddie and Sibuna defeat the house's deadliest foe yet? Find out on Season 3!