House of Anubis: Sweets and Deceit photo album

  • Good Eye
    Poppy is one smart cookie - she was quick to note her father's name on the Drama Club Winners Board. But does Mr. Sweet know more than what he's letting on?
  • For My Eyes Only
    What can Victor be reading that's so intriguing? Trudy's got a hunch of what it might be...time to make a sneak attack!
  • Hidden Treasure
    Oh no! Why would anyone want to throw away the Anubis dollhouse? Trudy, look the other way!
  • Princess Amber
    Amber sure has a long list of requirements! If Alife wants to get with this high maintenence gal, he'll have to work his way through Amber Millington's Guide to Dating - no freebies!
  • When Love Attacks
    It was super sweet of Alfie to bake his love raspberry cupcakes, but finding out she's terribly allergic to them afterwards is definitely not! Poor Amber (and Alfie)!
  • Mark of Anubis
    It wasn't a dream - Senkhara's left her curse, and it means there's no time to waste. Don't worry Nina, there's nothing you can't conquer!
  • Interrupted Sleep
    Looks like something - or someone - woke Amber up. This girl just can't seem to get a break!
  • Strangers in the Night
    Seems like there's some noise coming from upstairs. We can't blame you Nina - we couldn't sleep tight either if we lived in a house as spooky as Anubis!
  • Tricks of the Trade
    What's up with Fabian? It's not like him to grab Nina like that. Watch out - something tells us Senkhara is behind this one...
  • Funny Bones
    A word to Alfie - it can't hear you! Fun-loving Alfie always knows how to make us crack a smile :)
  • Precious Cargo
    With so many people after that mysterious cup, we'd be holding on to it tightly too. Be brave Nina - the Cup is only safe in your hands.
  • Team Sibuna
    Don't look so discouraged you two! No matter how challenging, the next step towards the mask of Anubis is one step closer to victory.
  • Lips are Sealed
    Victor thinks this special doll holds clues which will lead him closer to solving some mysteries. Is he on the right track?
  • Hot Wheels
    That is one sweet ride...though it would probably look better parked next to the picnic, not on it!
  • Rev It Up
    Time to take this bad boy on a spin! Amber, you're such a lucky girl :) By the way, we think this completes the final requirement in your dating guide...CONGRATULATIONS ALFIE, SHE'S FINALLY ALL YOURS!
  • Amber+Alfie=Amfie?
    We're not sure we like the sound of that, but we do like the look of these two together! We hope this joy ride lasts forever.