How To Rock A Singing Telegram photo album

  • Perf-ect Couple
    Nelson and Grace make quite the couple. And by the look on this Perf's face, we're pretty sure we're not the only ones who think so!
  • Letting Go
    Everyone's letting go of all the drama that comes with clique rivalry for the Brewster High Dance. We can really get used to this...
  • Through Thick and Thin
    Nothing can come between these two besties...not even a singing telegram gone terribly wrong.
  • Picture Taking 101
    It's easy, just take it from the pros - Cymph and Lulu pose for the camera like it's the paparazzi!
  • Gold Performance
    It's all smiles this time around. And we'd be too, if we were in that crowd waiting for Gravity 5 to perform!
  • And the Crowd Goes Wild
    The Brewster High Marching Band joined forces with the crew for this one. The results were pretty epic and high-five worthy, of course.
  • Music for the Soul
    Stevie can always count on Kacey to sing her troubles away with a better and brighter tune.
  • Star Potential
    This girl is no amateur at being the center of attention...she always brings her best moves whenever she's on stage!
  • Girl Power
    Forget singing telegrams! These two all-stars have all that they need to make a lasting impression!
  • I'm With the Team
    Everyone's bringing it in for this one! Who needs a date to the dance when you've got your best buddies to jam out with anyways?
  • Marching In
    Mr. March fits right in with the band! We think this history buff would do pretty well playing a classical instrument :)
  • Daily Ritual
    In true Perf fashion, Molly and Grace dress it up and do what they do best...Perf Pose!
  • Abort Mission
    Who better to deliver a message via singing telegram than Kacey Simon? No one! Unless, of course, the message leaves behind some pretty mixed signals...
  • Take 2!
    Practice makes Perf-ect! Samantha Boscarino and Halston Sage listen to some cues in between takes.
  • Pick A Date
    Of course we'll go to the high school dance with you! All you guys had to do was ask :)
  • Trouble in Paradise
    Oh oh...Stevie doesn't look too happy. Is it because the boy of her dancing dreams asked a certain close friend out instead?