Cymphonique Miller's Sweet 16 Bash! photo album

  • The Birthday Girl Has Arrived!
    Cymphonique looked totally flawless while making her grand appearance at her super sweet birthday bash!
  • Say Yes To The Dress
    Need we say more about Cymph's gorgeous birthday gown? She definitely made the right wardrobe choice.
  • Thanks Dad!
    'Nique gave props to her pops, Master P, by snapping a quick pic on the red carpet before heading into the venue. Some party, right!?
  • Red Carpet Diva
    It wouldn't be a Hollywood Sweet Sixteen without a red carpet now would it?
  • Rockin' Crew
    Some fellow Rockers, Chris O'Neal and Halston Sage, joined 'Nique on her special day. What great pals!
  • Confetti Queen
    Confetti burst into the air just in time to wish sweet sixteenie Cymphonique a "Happy Birthday."
  • Cupcake Wars
    There were enough cupcakes at the birthday fiesta to feed a small army! Or a group of very hungry band members...
  • Just Bust A Move!
    Cymphonique boogied the night away with her guests. Hey, save the last dance for us!
  • The Party House
    Check out this swanky venue where Cymph and her pals celebrated the big 16! You couldn't ask for a cooler setting that this.
  • Birthday Besties
    Cymph's gal pals were in full force at the birthday gala! Co-star Lulu Antariksa and Bucket and Skinner's Ashley Argota made an appearance. And yes, they wore their dancing shoes.
  • A Rockin' Affair
    The How To Rock cast supported their fellow rocker, Cymphonique, as she rang in her Sweet Sixteen. Like they'd really be anywhere else?!
  • Birthday Beauties
    They might not see eye to eye on the show, but the real Halston Sage and Cymphonique Miller were nothing less than BFF's on the red carpet!
  • Familiar Faces
    Chris O'Neal and Cymph has a rockin' time at the bash. How could they not? This is the celebration of the year!
  • The Princess' Pillow
    Cymphonique decked out the sofas at her party with customized pillows! So adorable!
  • Let Them Eat Cupcakes!
    Cymph had multiple cakes at her party, including these cakes layered with cupcakes.