How to Rock: Sneak Peek photo album

  • This Means War!
    The Perfs are ready to conquer all who come through the high school halls. But we won't give up without a fight!
  • Oh, Deer!
    These popular Perfs are so wicked, they're growing horns!
  • Class Act
    Kacey Simon may start off as a superficial snob, but she'll soon learn no one is Perf-ect.
  • Book Smarts
    When Kacey has to rock braces and glasses, she learns not to judge a book by its cover.
  • Pause for Primping!
    Cymphonique gets a little hair and make-up touch up in between takes. No matter what, she still looks gorge!
  • Brace Face
    When Kacey gets a new addition to her pearly whites, things in high school start to get a little bit hectic.
  • All An Act
    Samantha Boscarino and Halston Sage are much nicer than their cliquey characters, Grace and Molly.
  • Queen B
    Grace may rule over Brewster High, but she can't rock and roll like Gravity 5!
  • To the Max
    How to Rock has got the coolest cast. And that includes high chool hearthrob, Max Schneider!
  • The Perf-ect Storm
    Kacey Simon may think she fits with the Perfs, but really, they're more like fair-weather friends.
  • True Beauty
    Sure. These gals may look "Perf". But it's what's on the inside that counts!
  • Ready to Rock
    Kacey Simon finds her true voice when she ditches her old crew and joins Gravity 5.
  • Family of Friends
    The new cast of How to Rock feels right at home on Nick. And all we have to say is...Welcome to the fam!