iCarly: Greatest Goofs of 2012 photo album

  • Ready, Aim...
    Freddie takes Galaxy Wars very seriously!
  • K.O.
    Carly didn't laugh when T-Bo knocked her date out with a lemon launcher, but we sure did.
  • Taken
    Who could forget when Sam 'stole' 1D's Zayn Malik? We don't blame her...
  • Cheese!
    Heather was hilariously high energy, even for the iCarly crowd!
  • Hang in There
    Spencer's invention 'Jerk-Basket' isn't all fun and games.
  • Un-Masked
    At least the suit Nevel stuck Freddie in covered his wart!
  • Shield Yourself
    We understand, Spencer. Everyone needs a spa day!
  • Pawn Stars
    An open bottle of Wahoo Punch, signed by the first lady? Carly and Sam know treasure when they see it!
  • You...
    Freddie wasn't very welcoming when Sam joined him to work at the Pear Store.
  • Wardrobe Malfunction
    Jimmy Fallon is a funny guy, but nothing tops Gibby's street-pants (and them falling down)!
  • Suitcase Surplus
    If you're gonna leave Freddie in NYC with all the luggage, at least give him a tip!