iCarly: iBattle Chip photo album

  • Let the Games Begin
    Gibby's point and shoot game looks pretty serious! Not to spill the beans, but we hear that phaser is about to cause some big ol' trouble.
  • Wack-o Sock-o
    Oh-oh...a sock and a stick of butter can only mean one thing! Beware to the unlucky victim, 'cause Sam's butter sock shows no mercy.
  • Geared Up
    Typically, Spencer's a pretty laid-back guy. But those heavy chain links and metal pipe has us taking a few steps back! Wonder whose causing trouble this time?!
  • Buttered Down
    Sam looks like she's up to no good. This mischevious gal always has a few fun tricks up her sleeves!
  • Gibby The Prince
    Pucker up toad! The Gibster seems to think a smackaroo will make his toad-turned-fairy-tale-princess dreams come true.
  • Mission Accomplished
    Being on set all day is no joke! Jennette McCurdy plays it cool by taking a quick break from filming to strike a pose, MI3 style.
  • Aim and Fire
    Word of advice, Gibby. Pointing toy guns at girls is NOT the way to woo the leading lady.
  • The Avengers
    Whether they're shooting crazy webisodes, or trying to ward off certain evil little brothers, these best buds always conquer it all by sticking together.
  • Tricky Treats
    All that cake and no milk?! Hmm, something smells fishy here...
  • Sweet Revenge
    If this is a plan to reel in Chip, it's fool-proof! What kid do you know that doesn't love sugary, sprinkly, deliciously-looking cupcakes? We know none!
  • And...ACTION!
    Even seasoned actresses like Miranda Cosgrove make bloopers on set every now and then. The fun part is snapping the clapperboard afterwards for a take 2!
  • Time for Plan B
    The buttersock's been used, and now the only hope lies in having a full out battle. Time to bring out the big guns...
  • Phased-Out
    Carly, Sam, and Freddie don't seem too confident in the way this is going to turn out. Maybe it's time to re-tweek that phaser...
  • Ye Old Faithful
    Don't be fooled by the fancy threads...these two are armed and dangerous! Even still, there's always time for a tasty groovy shake!
  • Poker Face
    So long as Carly can help it, no one messes with Spencer! Thats the look of a someone who thinks it's time to ends things right in their tracks!