iCarly: iBust A Thief photo album

  • Games with Guppy
    He might be busy reading now, but Spencer's bent on going to Funk E. Fenster's with Guppy!
  • Toy Treats
    We bet we know what Sam's thinking: If only those doughy delights were real *drool*
  • Sweet Siblings
    Who says a sis and bro can't be BFFs?
  • Tracking the Thief
    The team uses their sleuth skills to find info on the laptop-napper.
  • Delicious Mess
    Looks like Sam is taking her frustration out on that poor jelly doughnut!
  • Group Grin
    Who needs a laptop when you have friends like these?
  • Guppy Love
    Aww, can you see the resemblance? (How could you not?)
  • Jennoah
    Jennette and Noah take a pause for a pose.
  • A Friend Indeed
    What are BFFs for if not to help you solve the mystery of your stolen technology?
  • Resting in Red
    Tracking down robbers is hard! This guy's taking a quick siesta from the search.
  • On the Chain
    Looks like she has the KEY to solving this mystery!
  • Chef Gibby
    He tried opening a restaurant before, but is Gibby giving the kitchen another go?
  • Doodling the Drawing Board
    The gang is coming up with some strange ideas for their thief search!
  • Laptop Love
    Sam's laptop means a lot to her, so whoever stole it better get ready to face her!
  • Five Friends
    Get ready to watch these guys go on a suspenseful search on "iBust a Thief!"