iCarly: iFind Spencer Friends photo album

  • Bathrobe Buddies
    The iCarly girls hang out in the most comfy clothing imaginable: the bathrobe.
  • Cheers All Around
    The gang looks so excited! We'd be too if we got to hang with Emma Stone.
  • Group Shot
    Aww, with friends like these, Spencer doesn't even need any more!
  • Superfan
    Emma Stone plays a REALLY convincing crazy fan. It probably helps that she's an iCarly fan in real life too!
  • BFFs?
    Could this fanatic be the friend Spencer's been looking for?
  • Frightened Freddie
    This fan is superpsyched for a photo op with Freddie, but he looks a bit scared...
  • Security!
    Unfortunately for this fan, she's just a little too loud for this diner.
  • Not So Fast
    But she still tries to fight for her right to stalk the iCarly crew! This is one dedicated nut.
  • Cheese Please!
    The gang tries to find new friends in this episode, but in reality the crew just made an awesome new friend in Emma Stone!
  • Quirky Couple
    These two def have one thing in common: the ability to make funny faces!
  • Starstruck
    Noah looks slightly stunned to take such an awesome pic with Emma.
  • Posing Pals
    Emma may play a psycho fan when the cameras are rolling, but she's sweet as can be off the set!
  • Glamorous Gals
    The girls take a moment to step out of character and make a pretty pose.
  • Emma and Noah
    Emma's character creeps out the iCarly crew, but she gets along swimmingly with the cast in reality!
  • Hey You!
    Noah makes a gesture that seems to say, 'Don't forget to catch this awesome new episode!'