iCarly: iGet Banned photo album

  • iGet Banned
    That's the last Groovy Smoothie Carly will be enjoying for a while, we're as shocked as she is!
  • Boy Band
    Meanwhile, it looks like Freddie and Gibby have formed a power duo!
  • The Frontman
    The ladies can't possibly resist him now! Right?
  • Makin' Bank
    Looks like the guys have already landed a paid gig!
  • Fashionable Fall
    Spencer may be on crutches, but at least he's making a fashion statement with his cast.
  • Anchors Away!
    The iCarly gals make a pretty pose with their matching anchors!
  • Giant Gummy
    Carly takes a breather next to the world's largest gummy bear.
  • Between the Lines
    Looks like these gals are going over some lines, wonder what for?
  • Pucker Up
    Carly puts on some gloss, perhaps she's prepping for a date??
  • Date Disaster
    Oops, well if that's her date, we can't say it's going too well.
  • Pajama Power
    T-Bo may have banned Carly, but it looks like they're having a slumber party anyway.
  • Peace & Paws
    Whether T-Bo un-bans Carly or not, you have to admit, those are some awesome slippers.