iCarly: iGo One Direction photo album

  • Special Guests
    SURPRISE! 1D is in the house, and those mics can only mean one thing...
  • Feelin' Wormy
    Oh-oh, it seems like suddenly Harry isn't feeling too well. And we know a gal who came back from her trip feeling a few of the same symptoms. Trouble ahead!
  • BFFs
    It's always nice to have your best buds by your side when you're feeling low. Don't worry Harry, your 1D family has your back!
  • Toxic Evidence
    Drinking water when you're thirsty is a good idea. Drinking water from the same bottle as someone sickly...not so good.
  • Get Well Soon
    Poor Harry! He's going to need a lot of rest if he plans on feeling better in time for the iCarly webcast..
  • Strong Arm
    Either Sam is really strong, or Zayn is really weak! Either way, if Sam's keeping a 1D member captive, she might have the right idea...
  • Lookin' Daper
    Is it just us, or does Gibby look like Liam in this picture? Just a teensy bit? They're practically matching from gelled hair to toe!
  • iCrush Niall Horan
    Carly looks smitten by the oh-so-adorable Niall...this just might be be the best smoothie date ever.
  • 6D
    Is Gibby the newest addition to One Direction?! That gray shirt and khakis has us wondering...
  • Good Times
    It's all smiles in this one. Even Harry looks like he's fighting back a giggle. Hey guys, let us in on the joke!
  • Quick Recovery
    Seems like Harry is back and feeling better. Time to sit back and kick it with the rest of his band members before the premiere of the iCarly webshow!