iCarly: iGoodbye photo album

  • So NOT Sorry To See You Go
    Lewbert may have left his precious lobby to pay the gang a visit, but even Sam knows nothing good can ever come of this fussy doorman.
  • Admit None
    You can keep your tickets, because there won't be a waterworks show this time around! The crew is staying bright and chipper for this group photo.
  • What If?
    Great flames of fire! What would be of Spencer's many kooky inventions if they didn't end up combusting, exploding, or [insert thing gone horribly wrong here].
  • Final Cut
    Hey guys, look over here! The crew is standing at attention, getting ready to shoot their most epic webisode yet.
  • Camera Love
    Hello in there! Freddie is making sure he gets some camera time for this very special taping of America's favorite webshow.
  • Sisterly Bond
    They say that parting is such sweet sorrow, but Sam and Carly see nothing sweet about it! Just don't worry you two - a true bestie is a bestie for life!
  • Random Dancing
    Who said goodbyes had to be sad and sappy? Not these two! Nothing like a good old fashioned shimmy shake to get this party started.
  • Where's Waldo?
    It must be lunchtime, because everyone's outta class and bringing it in for a super group pic. It's just too bad Jennette is photobombing Carly!
  • iNeed a Date
    Carly is all dolled up for the Air Force father-daughter dance, but if her dad is overseas, whose going to take her?
  • It Takes Two
    Spencer's fallen and he can't get up. Good thing his little sister is always there to pick him up whenever he needs her :)
  • Yeee-Haw!
    Nice 'stash Jennette! Looks like this country cowgirl is back by popular demand, and she's getting her lines ready for her special appearance.
  • Unconditional Love
    Word in the Shay household is that Spencer's taking his sister to the father-daughter dance...way to step it up big bro!
  • Fuzzy Surprise
    No one loves Sam's squirrel...eh, mustache, more than her bff. Word to Sam - it'd make a great parting gift!
  • Happy Tears
    Hold the tissues! Jennette, Miranda and Jerry try to keep it together for this cute family snapshot.
  • Admit All
    This pic gives us a serious case of the sniffles. Also, feel free to redeem those soggy tickets... :(
  • Sweet Goodbyes
    From random dancing, to buttery socks and shirtless heroes, this gang has been making us ROTFL since what seems like forever. iCarly...we will miss you! <3