iCarly: iLove You photo album

  • Twist of Fate
    Seddie's love is kind of like a pretzel. There's tons of twists and turns!
  • Hallway Hello
    Don't worry, even though Sam's got a new beau, she still has time for her best friend, Carly!
  • On Guard!
    Everyone knows...You don't come between Sam and her food!
  • On the Right Track
    These two laughing love birds are headed for Sweetheart City. Full steam ahead!
  • Couples Quarrel
    Even though Sam and Freddie like each other now, old habits die hard!
  • You Axed For It!
    Sam's always been known to be a bit of a tom boy. But now she's got a tom-ahawk?!
  • Time to Recline
    Jennette lays back for some R&R between takes. Playing Sam Puckett is hard work!
  • Sympathetic Sam?
    Has dating Freddie made Sam soft? Or does it just make her wanna chow down on soft pretzels?
  • Oh, Brother
    Carly's got one of the silliest siblings we know. But we love Spencer just the way he is.
  • Star Style
    Miranda Cosgrove's got sweet style, even when the cameras aren't rolling!
  • Seddie Smooch
    Look out Freddie! Sam's about to lay one on ya!
  • Sealed With A Kiss
    No matter how much they argue, Sam and Freddie always kiss and make up.