iCarly: iMeet the First Lady photo album

  • First Look
    The iCarly cast and creator Dan Schneider get their first look at the First Lady...She's a lot taller than we expected.
  • Secret Service
    How would you look if you found the secret service in the middle of your living room? You'd probably look a lot like Freddie.
  • Meeting Michelle
    As if their jobs weren't cool enough, Nathan, Jennette, and Miranda got to hang with the number one lady in America!
  • Dinner Party
    There's nothing like munchin' on some spaghetti tacos with the First Lady. NBD...
  • Taking A Stand
    Michelle Obama is showing her support for military families by guest starring on the coolest web show on earth! (But will there be random dancing??)
  • Star of the Show
    The iCarly cast watches in awe as the First Lady shines on screen! Did you really expect anything less?
  • In the Game
    What do Sam Puckett, a buzzer, and the First Lady have in common? They're all part of the coolest iCarly segment of all time!
  • Making the Cut
    Michelle Obama befriends the cast in between takes. But can Jerry make the cut? We think yes!
  • On the Move
    What would Michelle Obama think about moving the White House to Seattle? Just a thought...
  • Applause for a Cause
    Michelle Obama celebrates a great cause and one seriously epic episode.
  • Party Time!
    It turns out, even the Presidential family is a fan of random dancing.
  • Michelle Rules!
    Michelle Obama totally dominated this iCarly game. She can't help it! She's used to ruling...