iCarly: iLost My Head In Vegas photo album

  • More Bang For Your Buck
    It's official - the guys from the hit TV show, "Pawn Stars" are in the building, and if anyone knows a thing or two about getting a good value, it's these three!
  • Operation, Free Sam's Mom
    The crew is gearing up by taking their most valuable possessions to a pawn shop in Las Vegas, and the cargo is said to be pretty heavy!
  • iPawn for iPear
    Sometimes, tough situations call for some tough decision-making. But if Sam's willing to sell her iPear, things must be rough!
  • How Much?
    While Freddie may think his old computer is worth a pretty penny, this pawn expert knows a useless relic when he sees one.
  • Up in Smoke
    Don't look so startled guys! What else did you think was going to happen to that ancient tech box?
  • Nod If You Agree
    Will Gibby's creepy head cash in the most amount of money? Or will it HEAD straight to the trash?
  • Pawn In Style
    It's not everyday you go to Vegas! Gibby's taking full advantage and letting his inner animal show in these leopard-print digs.
  • Expensive Drink
    If you're wondering who in the world would sell a half-drank bottle of juice to a pawn shop, then you're looking at her! Leave it to Sam to try and make a fortune out of waste.
  • Creepy Much?
    Is this guy trying to buy Gibby's head? Well whatever his reasons are for wanting it, the gang is pretty freaked out about it!
  • One Last Try
    Who can resist an old potato chip that's been carefully preserved for years? No man can possibly have the will power to...
  • Down The Hatchet
    Ahhh! This Vegas bully ate Carly's prized chip and didn't even think twice about it. Talk about cold blooded!
  • Pawn Stars
    Put your shades on for this amount of star power! There's no better way to wrap up this Las Vegas edition of the show than with some cash for your pawn, and a big group picture. CHEESE!