iCarly: iShock America photo album

  • Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
    iCarly moves from the web to the tube when they land a spot on Jimmy Fallon!! What could go wrong...?
  • Action Fallon
    Carly looks confused by the strange little man in Jimmy's hand...we're slightly confused too!
  • Poppin' Corn
    Spencer enjoys some popcorn by the riverside. Hopefully he doesn't knock it over, or throw it at anyone!
  • Waiting for the Show
    Jennette looks excited for the show to start, we can't wait either!
  • Hair & Makeup
    When your web show finally makes it to the tube, ya just gotta look good.
  • Bucket Full of Cash
    Whoa, with money like that, the webshow could have its own TV show too!
  • Mo' Money
    More carts of cash are being hauled in! We're shocked already.
  • Joke Jab
    Looks like the guys are warming up for the show (and Jerry just took a bath??)
  • Joyous Jennette
    We think all that cash is making Jennette giddy!
  • Press Pose
    The crew takes a group shot on the Fallon stage, a memory they'll never forget!
  • Best Buds
    Both of these pals look great, though we have a feeling Nathan would argue he has better hair.
  • Traffic Jam
    Uh oh, looks like Spencer may have collided with a biker, so clumsy!
  • Curb for a Cab
    The crew waits for a cab to their NYC hotel!
  • BFFs
    Jennette and Miranda def look like they're enjoying their time in the Big Apple!
  • Red, Bright and Blue
    The iCarly gals look great in their stylish threads!
  • Tough Stuff
    Nathan and Noah warm up for the show, and show off their MEAN faces!