Jack Black's KCA 2011 Moments photo album

  • Fry Guy
    Jack sported a jacket modeled after one of his most favorite foods--FRENCH FRIES!
  • Look to Your Left!
    This gracious host knows just how to move the show in the right direction. All routes lead to SLIME!
  • It's the Jack Eyed Peas!
    Jack just became the fifth member of the Black Eyed Peas, jack.i.am! You fit right into the pea pod, Jack!
  • You Don't Know Jack
    Only the host knows what's about to happen next. And Jack's got a ton of secrets up his sleeves!
  • Jack's On Fire!
    Okay, maybe Jack isn't really on fire. But he did sport a suit with flames!
  • Black's On Track
    Jack got ready for a serious slime-a-thon by changing into a Nick-orange track suit.
  • Artsy Fartsy
    Jack artfully appoints Josh Duhamel the king of armfarts after he gassed out the competition.
  • Bring On the Slime
    Jack Black basks in all of his goo-lory in the ooeist, gooiest, finale slime-tacular!
  • Slime Song
    Even with goo in his mic, Jack Black keeps on singin' the slime song. He's just not ready for the KCAs to end!