Behind the Scenes of KCA 2012 photo album

  • Super Signage
    Hello out yonder! This guy clearly isn't afraid of heights...but for the KCAs, we'd do anything too!
  • Greatest Show On Earth
    You can't have a spectacular show without a killer stage. This year's KCA performers will be rocking the mic live from sunny Los Angeles.
  • Show Time!
    We wonder if the stars get jitter-bugs when they see this sign before going on stage. We're both nervous and excited just looking at it.
  • Loud and Clear
    If you're wondering why our billboard is so big it requires both a crew and a truck to set it up, it's because the KCAs are insanely AWESOME. And the whole world should know it.
  • Strobe Lights
    Time for a lighting check! If we didn't know any better, we'd think these guys were doing a music video...cue the song!
  • Disco Fever
    Oooh, shiny objects! It's true. At the KCAs, almost everything will be covered in slime. And that includes reflective surfaces.
  • First Impressions
    When the KCAs come to town, everything gets a make-over....including the front of the theatre!
  • Hangin' Out
    High above all the stars in their seats is plenty of stage lighting to set the scene. How long 'til the show again? The anticipation is killing us!
  • Blimp Banner
    The gates are already up, ready to hold back throngs of sweaty, screaming fans, as the stars come out on the Orange Carpet tomorrow night.
  • Gateway To The KCAs
    Still under construction, in less than 24 hours this magnificent arch will usher the world's brightest talents into the greatest show on Earth.
  • Lights!
    Rows of industrial powered spotlights line the Orange Carpet, waiting to glow on celebrity faces.
  • Fly Away
    If those blimps were hot air balloons, it'd be so AWESOME! Idea for KCA 2013 anyone?!
  • Catwalk
    That orange carpet was made to be famous. We can't wait to see our favorite stars parade down that walkway!
  • Last Call
    Put your best threads on, and get ready for a night of orange and green. Next time you see this carpet, it'll be SHOWTIME!
  • Scream It Proud
    The sign is up, the blimps are soaring and the thousands of excited fans are waiting...KCA 2012, here we go!!!
  • Happenin' Hang Out
    While sneaking around backstage, we found out there KP and 1D will be hanging out before they take to the stage for their performances!!
  • Backstage Passes
    We've got our VIP passes to all the slime-y goodness happening backstage. Wahoo!
  • Rockin' the Mic
    These mics are ready to go for our awesome Orange Carpet hosts, Daniella Monet, Zach Sang, and Jeff Sutphen!
  • Orange You Gonna Vote?
    As the stars arrive on the Orange Carpet they'll have a little friendly reminder waiting. They still have a few minutes left to vote for their faves!
  • Going Green
    This year, there aren't only Orange Blimps, but there's slime-green colored ones, too!
  • Sunny Scenery
    Ahh, blue skies, palm trees, and big gigantic Blimps. Is there anything else you need in the world?
  • Up in the Air
    This Blimp might not be all the way blown up yet, but it will be flying high in the sky come show time.