KCA 2012: Slimiest Moments photo album

  • KCA 2012: Halle Berry Gets Slimed!
    Creepy Hater Voice suspect number one, Halle Berry, arrived late, but she was right on time to get slimed.
  • KCA 2012: Halle Berry Bucket Blast
    Nothing says welcome to the KCAs like gooey coat of slime and a confetti shower. Somebody loves you, Halle Berry.
  • KCA 2012: Chris Colfer Gets Slimed!
    Just before Chris Colfer got gooped, Heidi Klum warned him not to trust anybody at the KCAs.
  • KCA 2012: Heidi Klum & Chris Colfer Recovery
    The supermodel and the chamber singer bask in slimy glory.
  • KCA 2012: Taylor Lautner Got Slimed!
    Ahhh! What is that?!? After receiving the great honor of slime, Hollywood hunk Taylor Lautner looks scarier than a werewolf.
  • KCA 2012: Taylor Lautner Slime Explosion
    Sometimes a slime blast is so sudden and so powerful, that even a muscle man can't stand up to it.
  • KCA 2012: Cee-Lo Green Gets His Dessert!
    ...With a cherry on top! Doesn't he look sweet? Sorry Cee-Lo, when your last name is Green, there's no avoiding it...you're getting the KCA treatment!
  • KCA 2012: Justin Bieber Gets Mega-Slimed!
    Wow...that's a lot of slime! There's no escaping this one Biebs...but while you're up there, congratulations for winning Favorite Male Singer!!!
  • KCA 2012: Will Smith Sliming Around!
    No one is safe from the goo...and that includes 2012 KCA host, Will Smith!
  • KCA 2012: Justin Bieber Grinning Green!
    A lot of peeps were awaiting this grand finale...the Justin Bieber slime cannon spectacular! We were all beliebers from the start, and when the slime came, it was epic! This good sport celebrated with a great green grin.
  • KCA 2012: Justin Bieber & Will Smith's Slime Zone
    Has the world ever seen a sliming so severe? Two of the biggest stars in the world recover from Nickelodeon's highest honor.
  • KCA 2012: Front Seat Slime Pit
    These enthusiastic slime-ees must have had some of the best seats in the house. Now they match their glow sticks!