Behind The Scenes: Kung Fu Panda Enemy Art photo album

  • Crocodile cronies Gary and Dirk don't look so dangerous as simple sketches.
  • As the art comes along, Gary's name gets a new spelling and Dirk is replaced by Irwin.
  • Watch out! Dirk looks a whole lot tougher in living color.
  • Whether you spell his name Gary or Gahri, this crooked croc is a true masterpiece.
  • Uh oh, Irwin! You're the scariest, scaliest stooge so far!
  • The beautiful Fenghuang is a graceful but evil owl, even as a line drawing.
  • Bold, regal colors confirm that you don't want to tango with this bad old bird.
  • The claws of Qiong Qi, the wicked scorpion, look harmless enough for now.
  • A sharper sketch gives the menacing Qiong Qi a little more scorpion scare power.
  • Hello! Qiong Qi, the sultan of sting, is fire engine red and ready for battle with the dragon warrior.
  • The Kung Fu Panda art squad takes a first stab at the slobbering swine, Taotie.
  • Voila! Taotie looks horrible but handsome in his full warpaint.
  • Tall as a tree and wide as a door, Temutai is one of Po's most intimidating enemies.
  • Can you imagine this beast barreling toward you with a meaty fist in the air? TIME TO RUN!