Marvin Marvin: Basketball photo album

  • Go Blue Bears!
    Teri cheers on the home team, but it looks like something strange is happening on the court..
  • Down for the Count
    Oh no, a player is injured! If only there was an eccentric alien around to take his place...
  • Marvin to the Rescue
    Yes! Coach Dad Bob is taking Marvin off the bench, let's see what he can do!
  • Goofy Guard
    Ah yes, Marvin is using the element of confusion to throw his oppenent off his game.
  • Sport Swap
    Oh dear, you're playing BASKETball Marvin, not kickball!
  • Victory Dance
    But he's still celebrating his 'skills,' look at him go!
  • In the Kitchen with Marvin
    Being an alien with weirdo powers comes in hand for SOME things, like heating up sauce in a jiffy.
  • Penne a la Basketball
    Nope, that's not how you play basketball either, Marvin.
  • Basketblunder
    Dad Bob definitely does not approve of Marvin's unique use of the basketball.
  • Blender Fun
    Marvin looks excited to use that blender, we just hope he doesn't try putting that basketball in there.
  • Mystery Shake
    We're not sure what's in that shake, but by the looks of Teri, nothing we'd wanna eat!
  • In the Pits
    Marvin makes sure Teri's pits have a satisfactory scent, or something..
  • Wary Teri
    She does not look amused by Marvin's strange shakes and sniffs!
  • Alien Aviation
    Being able to fly definitely helps with your dunking skills!
  • Gooey Mess
    Is that what alien barf looks like? We hope not, for Dad Bob's sake!