Marvin Marvin: A Day in the Life photo album

  • Mixed-up Marvin
    Oh Marvin Marvin, that's not how you wear a tie! Or a watch, or smile, for that matter...
  • Fluffy Friends
    Marvin Marvin has discovered Earth toys! And marshmallows. The tastiest toy of all!
  • Just Hanging Around
    Uh oh, Marvin Marvin was playing with fluffy treats and now he's light as a feather!
  • Say 'Ahhh'
    Is Marvin Marvin trying to take Pop-Pop's temperature, or does his finger also function as a straw?
  • Speak Into the Butt
    Dad Bob, you have to come closer or else Marvin Marvin can't hear you, duh!
  • Spit-take
    At least he TRIED to be polite and throw up into that bowl.
  • Midnight Snack Attack
    Mom Liz mistakes Marvin Marvin for a burglar! Looking like that, who could blame her?
  • Basketfootball
    Nice try Marvin Marvin, but that is not how we play basketball on Earth!
  • Still Confused
    Nope, that's not how either...
  • Pit Sniff
    Maybe on Marvin Marvin's home planet, this gesture means 'You smell very nice today!'
  • Not Too Hot to Handle
    Wow, Marvin Marvin doesn't seem to mind very hot objects at all!