Planet Sheen: Sheenoween Photos photo album

  • Food Fight
    Sheen gets attacked by his own breakfast. "You're going down, Fire Waffles!"
  • It's Torzilla!
    Oh no! Dorkus accidentally spilled growth potion on a tortilla and created a monster.
  • Run For the Hills
    Aaah! The innocent civilians of Zeenu run screaming from the Giant Tortilla!
  • Battle of Queso
    Sheen must destroy the tortilla! Luckily, he knows a thing or two about food.
  • Purple People Eaters
    These mean, vicious creatures are called "Voomphs." Stay away!
  • No Milk For Sheen
    Sheen tries to milk a Voomph, but it really doesn't go as well as he thought it would.
  • Angry Voomph
    Calling him a "scorpion fish cow" probably didn't help, Sheen!
  • Cat Fight
    Ack! A cat's attacking Sheen's face! (Specifically the bologna mask on Sheen's face.)
  • Gronze Pudding
    The Gronze brothers might be famous acrobats, but their manners are monstrous!
  • Hurtful Words
    The Gronzes stop at nothing to beat Sheen. "Nobody beats-a the Gronzes!"
  • Just You Wait
    Little does Three Eyes know, Sheen has some special talents of his own...
  • Last But Not Least
    The most dangerous of all, Dorkus the deviant never ceases plotting against Sheen.