Power Rangers Megaforce: Character Pictures photo album

  • Megaforce Red Ranger
    Having a tough upbringing has made Troy Burrows a fiercely loyal friend to underdogs everywhere.
  • Dragon Zord Master
    Troy was recruited by Earth guardian Gosei because it takes extraordinary skill to wield the Dragon Zord.
  • Megaforce Black Ranger
    Don't dismiss Jake Holling as just another class clown. He has a serious talent for bringing people together with a laugh, and he always has an eye on the bright side.
  • Snake Zord Master
    He is deadly with his Snake Zord, but Jake has one major weakness... His crush on a fellow Ranger.
  • Megaforce Yellow Ranger
    They call Gia Moran "Miss Perfect" for a reason. She's brilliant, beatiful and she can deliver a serious beatdown on the battlefield. But don't expect to hear her bragging!
  • Tiger Zord Master
    Whether she's hitting the books or the bad guys, one word describes the Yellow Ranger. Unstoppable.
  • Megaforce Blue Ranger
    Noah Carver doesn't care that he'll never be Prom King. He's much more interested in using his blockbuster brain to change the world.
  • Shark Zord Master
    Fighting may not be his first choice in activities, but that doesn't mean Noah isn't REALLY good at it.
  • Megaforce Pink Ranger
    Hey Earth-destroying aliens, nature-lover Emma Goodall isn't trying to hear any of your noise! This sensitive photographer is focused on saving the planet.
  • Phoenix Zord Master
    The Phoenix is a mythological bird that rises from the ashes. This one rises from the ashes of aliens.
  • Power Rangers Megaforce
    Do Gosei's five fearless recruits have the stuff to balance saving the world with passing high school English? Definitely.
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