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        Power Rangers Hanging out in NYC photo album

        • On Guard!
          The Samurai Rangers prepare to battle any evil that may be lurking in New York’s Battery Park.
        • The World is Ours!
          The Samurai Power Rangers make their first ever appearance at the 84th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!
        • Hi-Ya!
          The Rangers show off their high kicks on the Brooklyn Bridge.
        • Rangers In Wonderland
          The Rangers take a time out to hang with Alice and the gang.
        • Wave Good-Bye
          The Samurai Rangers wave to ferry passengers as they set sail for another adventure.
        • Bookworms
          The Rangers snuggle up with a good book at the New York Public Library!
        • Kiss The Cook
          The Rangers enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner with 2010 Miss America Caressa Camron!
        • Raise Your Swords
          The Rangers stand guard in New York City’s Battery Park.
        • Strike A Pose
          The Rangers pose for a famous New York City caricature.
        • Bull Ride
          The Samurai Rangers attempt to tame the Wall Street bull!
        • Snack Time
          Rangers can get mighty hungry, so they make sure to stop for a delicious NYC hotdog.
        • Lady Liberty
          The Rangers salute the iconic Statue of Liberty before they leave the Big Apple.