Power Rangers Samurai: The Gold Ranger photo album

  • Let There Be Light!
    The new Gold Ranger controls the Element of Light.
  • Go Go for the Gold!
    The Gold Ranger is ready to kick some major Mooger butt!
  • Golden Opportunity
    Now that the Gold Ranger is here, the Samurai Rangers have the chance to defeat their most monstrous enemies!
  • As Good as Gold
    This ranger may look like a scary Samurai, but he battles only for the good guys!
  • Fighting Friends
    Make new friends, but keep the old...one is silver and the other's GOLD!!
  • Heart of Gold
    The Gold Ranger (AKA Antonio) may be a frightening fighter in battle, but deep down he's as sweet as pie!
  • Awesome Antonio
    It's a good thing Jayden finally found his long lost friend, because Antonio is a superb Samurai!
  • We Struck Gold!
    We really hit the jackpot with this new fearsome fighter. He'll be sure to give Power Ranger's Samurai a little extra kick! Hi-ya!