Power Rangers Samurai: RPM Ranger Arrives photo album

  • This happy gang of Power Ranger Samurais had their hands full with Moogers long before the RPM Ranger showed up.
  • The RPM Ranger rides in from another dimension. Awesome.
  • The RPM Ranger comes from a city so tortured by villains that they had to build a dome to keep them out.
  • What is the RPM Ranger doing on Earth, and has he come alone?
  • No matter how far from home, a Ranger of any kind can count on being treated like family.
  • What's this? Mysterious steam?!? It looks like the Power Rangers are in trouble!
  • Oh man! Gear-headed hordes have followed the RPM Ranger to Earth!
  • Interdimensional monsters? The Power Rangers aren't even trying to hear that.
  • The RPM Ranger joins in the battle against the thugs who followed him across space.
  • Thanks to the RPM Ranger, the coast is clear... For now.
  • Don't celebrate too soon, trouble is always brewing in the Power Rangers' town.
  • Ahhhh! What kind of beast is this? Hopefully the RPM Ranger knows what to do!
  • The original Red Ranger charges out of the woods on a sweet mystical horse.
  • RPM Ranger joins the crew in the toughest line-up of Samurais the world has ever seen. But are they strong enough to stop the space Mooger?!