Power Rangers Samurai: Vile Villains photo album

  • Mystical Madimot
    This mind-manipulating meanie becomes massive and monstrous when things get messy.
  • Eye of the Tigerzord
    Vulpes spies with his Enchanted Eye something red...Too bad Jayden finds him first!
  • Dreary Desperaino
    This big bad guy brings the blues with disastrous drops of rain!
  • Tune Up
    Dayu knows how to strike a calamitous chord with the Rangers thanks to her stringed sword.
  • Nasty Negatron
    He's got a face only a mother could love. But he must not have had a mother since he has such horrible manners!
  • Spike!
    Don't get distracted by Robtish's charming Scottish accent, he's got fire in his eyes and the Red Ranger in his sight.
  • Double Deker
    Being one part human and one part Nighlok has made Deker a frenemy of the Rangers.
  • Hands up!
    With the amazing ability to attack from underground, this is one villain who doesn't need a hand.
  • Do You Smell That?
    Yamiror's poison breath makes for some very awkward and fatal social interactions.
  • Cutting Edge
    Any way you slice it, here's a bad guy who cuts right to the chase.