Robot & Monster: A Message From Monster photo album

  • Funny Faces
    The first rule of life is that you don't need a reason to wear a funny mask: it's just fun!
  • Bacon is the Best
    If you're looking for a lip-smacking snack to lift your spirits, look no further than BACON!
  • Toys Are Forever
    Don't let anyone tell you that you have to grow up, because only an 'adult' thinks toys aren't fun!
  • Fuzzy Slippers
    It's okay if no one believes in your imaginary friend, YOU know he's real!
  • Sharing is Caring
    Always share your toys with your best friend, even if they think they're 'too grown up.'
  • Friends First
    Making your friend feel special is more important than being the winner!
  • Don't Mess with Monster
    Monster may be a sweetheart, but if you challenge him to a game of "Ow, That Hurts!" you'll get the horns!
  • Security Blanket
    Don't let anyone take away your blanky, they just don't see how special it is!
  • No Fun
    Being an adult is overrated (and unfashionable)!
  • No-Snore Chore
    Even doing the laundry can be fun if you have a song in your heart, and a clothesline to stand on!