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  • Sam & Cat: Top 10 Sam and Cat Moments pictures

    Sam & Cat: Top 10 Sam and Cat Moments

    11 pictures

    There are plenty of AMAZING Sam & Cat memories to look back on, but here's the top 10 most awesome moments EVER. From babysitting a goat to knocking out an pop star impersonator, these girls have had quite an adventure. Check it out!

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  • Sam & Cat: Rockin' Out With Sam and Cat! pictures

    Sam & Cat: Rockin' Out With Sam and Cat!

    8 pictures

    From singing to dancing, to shredding some sweet riffs, Sam and Cat love getting their groove on. Rock out with your two favorite babysitters by flipping these pics! Plus, get a sneak peek at what happens when rocking out turns into knocking out...

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  • Stars Rocking Red, White and Blue! pictures

    Sam & Cat: Stars Rocking Red, White and Blue!

    13 pictures

    Happy Fourth of July! In honor of this awesome holiday, we're bringing you some pics your favorite Nick stars looking more festive and fashionable than ever. Check out these stars rocking red, white and blue!

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  • Nick 2014 Yearbook pictures

    SpongeBob SquarePants: Nick 2014 Yearbook

    9 pictures

    Congratulations to the Nickelodeon Class of 2014! Want to see how far this class of clowns has come? Flip through these yearbook pics of your favorite Nick characters right here!

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  • Say It With: Sam & Cat GIFs! pictures

    Sam & Cat: Sam & Cat GIFs!

    11 pictures

    Ever need to express yourself but just can't find the words? Now, you don't have to! We're giving you all the hilarious responses you'll ever need. It's time to Say It With Sam & Cat GIFs!

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  • Happy Double Birthday Jennette and Ariana! pictures

    Sam & Cat: Happy Double Birthday Jennette and Ariana!

    9 pictures

    Did you know the stars of Sam & Cat share a double birthday? That's right, Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande were born on the same day! Flip through these pics to get a taste to see how these gals might celebrate such a special occasion, double time.

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  • SpongeBob SquarePants: How to Pack a PicNICK! pictures

    SpongeBob SquarePants: How to Pack a PicNICK!

    8 pictures

    Hope you're hungry, cause it's time to lay out a blanket and start snacking on some NOMazing food with your favorite Nick stars! Grab a juice with Buhdeuce and sit back with Sam and Cat, because Tufflips is puttin' the buff in this buffet and you're at the top of the invite list. So feast your eyes on these tasty pics and get ready to dig in, this picNICK is gonna be SICK!

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  • What A Knockout! pictures

    Sam & Cat: What A Knockout!

    17 pictures

    Knock-knock! Who's there? A knock-out! Seems like there's nothing funnier than someone getting bopped on the nose or smacked right in the kisser. Peep these Nick stars and characters getting WHAM-ed, BLAM-ed, and KA-POW-ed all over the place!

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  • The Extreme Selfie Awards! pictures

    Sanjay and Craig: Extreme Selfies!

    10 pictures

    Here are the winners for the most extreme selfies ever! These stars and characters are combining sport with the art of taking the perfect self-snap. Don't miss it!

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