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  • SpongeBob SquarePants: Tour The Nick Animation Studio! pictures

    SpongeBob SquarePants: Tour The Nick Animation Studio!

    12 pictures

    Wanna see where all your fave cartoons are made?! Then check this out! We're giving you a super sneak peek tour of the Nickelodeon Animation Studio in California! This is where characters like SpongeBob and the Turtles come to life. The tour starts in 3...2...1...

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  • Stuff We Heart That's Green! pictures

    Haunted Hathaways: Stuff We Heart That's Green!

    11 pictures

    When it comes to Nick stars, the greener the better! We seriously heart this hue in all of its shades and the stars who sport it. From Patrick's shorts to Cosmo's head, here's all the green stuff we totally love!

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  • Sanjay and Craig: Double Dare IRL! pictures

    Sanjay and Craig: Double Dare IRL!

    10 pictures

    In a daring battle between the Patels and the Dicksons, the latest episode of Sanjay and Craig brought back to life the LEGENDARY 90s gameshow, Family Double Dare! But how did this crazy cartoon version stack up to the game in real life? Believe it or not, they were totally spot on! Check it out...

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  • Sanjay and Craig: Tough Tips From Tough Lips pictures

    Sanjay and Craig: Tough Tips From Tough Lips

    8 pictures

    Not sure what to eat for lunch? Can't decide if your butt looks too big in those brand new jeans? Well why not take your tough problems and get some tough advice from the toughest talkin' lips in town! That's right, Remington Tufflips has got some worldly words of wisdom, just for you. Let's juice this goose!

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  • The Extreme Selfie Awards! pictures

    Sanjay and Craig: The Extreme Selfie Awards!

    10 pictures

    Here are the winners for the most extreme selfies ever! These stars and characters are combining sport with the art of taking the perfect self-snap. Don't miss it!

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  • Crush or Be Crushed! pictures

    Crush: Crush or Be Crushed!

    14 pictures

    Life is full of crushes, whether they be on people you like or on things you just gotta squeeze. We're taking a look at the best crushes from Sam and Cat, The Haunted Hathaways, The Thundermans, and more, so get ready to crush or be crushed!

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  • Our Top 13 Memories From 2013! pictures

    Holiday 2013: Our Top 13 Memories From 2013!

    14 pictures

    2014 is almost here! But let's not forget all the awesome stuff that happened this past year. From brand new shows to unbelievably epic slimes, let's take a look quick back at our top 13 favorite memories from 2013!

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  • Holiday Houses! pictures

    Holiday 2013: Holiday Houses!

    9 pictures

    The holiday season is here and our fave stars and characters just can’t help but deck the halls! From twinkle lights to mistletoe, these guys are really getting into the spirit of the season. Check out these fantastically festive homes!

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  • The 12 Days of Nickmas pictures

    Holiday 2013: The 12 Days of Nickmas

    12 pictures

    It's the holiday season which means there's tons of singing, gifts, and more singing! And of course your favorite Nick stars and characters are joining in on the fun. If you want to get into the holiday spirit, count down the days 'til Nickmas with this awesome song!

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