All Kids' Choice Awards Pictures

  • Kids' Choice Awards 2014: Gettin' GIF-y pictures

    Kids' Choice Awards: Gettin' GIF-y

    18 pictures

    The Orange Carpet GIF Booth was full of funny props, silly glasses, and yes, TONS of stars! Check out all the GIF-y moments from this year's Kids' Choice Awards Orange Carpet! Trust us, you won't want to miss this.

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  • Kids' Choice Awards 2014: The Thundermans Love The KCAs pictures

    Kids' Choice Awards: The Thundermans Love The KCAs

    14 pictures

    There were tons of amazing stars at the 2014 Kids' Choice Awards, including the awesome all-star cast of The Thundermans! Addison Riecke and Diego Velazquez made sure to capture every magical minute of the night, from the Orange Carpet to behind the scenes. Check out these awesome pics from before, during and after the show!

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  • Kids' Choice Awards 2014: Did You See That? pictures

    Kids' Choice Awards: Did You See That?

    22 pictures

    You may have just finished watching the 2014 Kids' Choice Awards, but you haven't seen the show like this! Check out these hilarious and awesome moments with a little bit of a twist.Warning: Ready your funny bones. You're in for a laugh attack!

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  • Kids' Choice Awards 2014: 10 RiGIFulous Moments pictures

    Kids' Choice Awards: 10 RiGIFulous Moments

    10 pictures

    Wanna see the TOP 10 moments from the Kids' Choice Awards in GIF form? Your wish is our command! Now you can relive the magic of the night over and over again by checking out our animated pic roundup of the most riGIFulous moments from the show.

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  • Kids' Choice Awards 2014: Epic Cast Reunion pictures

    Kids' Choice Awards: Epic KCA Cast Reunion

    17 pictures

    The casts of iCarly, Victorious and Drake & Josh came to the KCA stage for a HUGE cast reunion. And now we know why! Check out these pics from Dan Schneider's Lifetime Acheivement Award, along with our fave moments from his most famous shows.

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  • Kids' Choice Awards 2014: Orange Carpet Fashion Wins pictures

    Kids' Choice Awards: Orange Carpet Fashion Wins

    21 pictures

    The Kids' Choice Awards are always full of winners. But we're talking about the ones on the Orange Carpet! We spied some serious style WINS on the OC this year and we're awarding your favorite stars the gold for looking great. Check out these pics of some of most fashionable outfits from the KCA 2014 Orange Carpet!

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  • Sam & Cat: Remember When? pictures

    Sam & Cat: Remember When?

    12 pictures

    There have been so many awesome moments on iCarly, Victorious and Sam and Cat. Who could forget them? Well, here's your test. Flip these throwback pics from memories past and see if you can 'remember when!'

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  • The Haunted Hathaways: Haunts From the Past pictures

    Haunted Hathaways: Haunts From the Past

    15 pictures

    The Hathaways aren't the only ones being haunted by the Prestons. These ghosts have been spooking people out of the house for ages! And you just may recognize some of the families they've freaked out in the past...See the scares for yourself in these haunted pics!

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  • Figure It Out: New Season, New Stars! pictures

    Figure It Out: New Season, New Stars!

    15 pictures

    A whole new season of Figure It Out means one thing: a brand new batch of stars getting SLIMED! Who will succeed in solving the hidden talents this time around, Ariana Grande? Or perhaps the ever-silly Matt Bennett? Check out these panel pics from the newest episodes of Figure It Out!

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