Victorious: Tori and Jade's Playdate photo album

  • New BFFs?
    Could it be true? Jade and Tori are finally becoming friends? This has to be a trick.
  • Clever Costumes
    Tori and Jade might be hiding under kooky clothes and make up, but they can't fool us!
  • Lookin' Groovy
    This cast looks pretty cool clad in seventies threads. What do you think?
  • Dangerous Duet?
    When Tori and Jade usually stand this close, things get dangerous. But they seem prefectly happy belting this tune together!
  • Labor of Love?
    Chores are never fun. Unless you're doing them for the oh-so-cute Beck :).
  • Hair We Go
    It's time for Victoria to finally get her very own mustache! Today is a great day.
  • Time Warp
    Leon and Avan are having fun pretending they're living back in time. And their performance deserves two thumbs up!
  • Captain Vega
    Is that Victoria under there? This is such a masterful diguise, we can hardly recognize her!
  • Odd Couple
    We know they're clad in costumes and all, but are Jade and Tori actually hugging?
  • Star Power
    Who knew? When Tori and Jade sing together they're in perfect harmony!