Victorious: Three Girls And A Moose photo album

  • Stage Presence
    Tori and Cat are dressed the part, and getting ready to take over the stage!
  • Two's A Charm
    Hollywood Arts isn't considered a school for the musically gifted for no reason. Both of these starlettes are pros at winning over the crowd with their amazing vocals!
  • 3 Girls, 1 Bouquet
    When Beck's friend Moose comes to visit him in L.A., the girls go head over heels for him. But which one will be the lucky recipient of this lovely bouquet?
  • Love Triangle
    Who knew Canadians would make such a big splash in California? Even though Moose is Beck's childhood friend, noone's happier to see him than Tori, Cat and Jade!
  • Three's A Crowd
    Moose is quite the popular guy at Hollywood Arts. Either way, in the end he'll have to pick one, or none at all...
  • All Smiles
    These two gal pals love working the camera! Nothing like taking a few pics before stealing the show.
  • Sweet Serenades
    Are Tori and Cat singing a song for a certain special someone in the crowd?
  • Pretty In Pink
    We're pretty sure only Cat can dress in pink from head (literally) to toe and still look amazing.
  • Fun And Songs
    It's obvious why these two friends are regulars at Karaoke Dokie...they always have a blast!
  • A Rose For A Rose
    For a girl whose just received a dozen roses, why the long face? Seems like Moose is more concentrated on his phone than anything else.
  • Hand in Hand
    It looks like something may be up, but at least Cat has the right idea. Everything always works out when you work together!
  • Moose-sified
    If one thing is for sure, is how smitten Cat is by this tall Canadian visitor.
  • Bride of Horror
    Jade always finds a way to take things to the next level of EXTREME. Like, wearing a blood-stained gown while walking around with a sharp pair of scissors, for example.
  • Jaded Jade
    Cat, watch out! Someone's scissors are about to do the unthinkable to your pretty red roses!
  • Fashion Mishap
    If Jade is trying to win over Moose with that outfit, she should reevaluate her courting techniques. This will only result in him running the opposite way.
  • Fallen Rose
    Oh no! Jade's jealousy always gets the best of her...and in this case, Cat's pretty flowers :(
  • Bad Intentions
    Something fishy is definitely going on, and the smell's coming from a certain Moose!