Victorious: The Blonde Squad photo album

  • Back in Blonde
    Remember when Jade and Tori were 'married' and Jade wore that oh-so-stylish wig? Well, this time both gals are breakin' out the blonde!
  • Rockin' Robbie
    That's right, this episode Robbie's bringin' out the guitar for one super sweet song!
  • Brown-Be-Gone!
    Take a good look at this brunette beauty, 'cause she's about to transform into a blonde bombshell!
  • Tori's Angels
    What do you think, do the girls look better blonde or brunette?? So hard to choose!
  • Wardrobe Change
    Why would Tori wanna cover up her gorgeous locks anyway? Well actually, she's just trying to get free stuff. Duh!
  • Blonde Perks
    Whoa, looks like getting free stuff isn't the only perk to being blonde! What a cutie!!
  • Songs on Set
    It must be so much fun having a guitarist on set, we bet he gets special requests on the daily!
  • Do a Lil' Dance
    Wonder what song Robbie's gonna play? Well, let's just say we think it's 'swell.'
  • Movie Magic
    Oh Ariana Grande, every girl in the world wants to be you in this pic. Lucky gal!
  • Ready to Roll
    Lights are on, camera's are rolling, and VJ gives the thumbs up that she's ready to make TV magic happen!
  • Lost Looks
    The girls look a little confused...we can only imagine Robbie decided to see how he looks in blonde (ha!).
  • Hugs All Around
    Has something upset Cat? It can't be anything a hug from Tori (and Mr. Purple) can't fix!
  • Sweet Serenade
    Aww, could this finally mean romance for Cat and Robbie?! You'll have to watch to find out!
  • Perched Pal
    Who let the parrot in the theater?! Hope it doesn't blow up Cat's spot as an undercover blonde!
  • Banana Bunch
    They may look sweet and innocent, but you do NOT wanna mess with these chicks with bananas in hand!