Victorious: Breakfast Bunch photo album

  • Saturday Scholars
    This crew may be serving a Saturday in detention, but they make weekend school look cool.
  • Damsel in Distress
    Is this another classic Tori Vega dance move? Or is Tori sending out a signal to save herself from Saturday detention?
  • Locker Rockers
    The Hollywood Arts crew ditches the library to hang in the halls. But they better beware of Vice Principal, Mr. Dickers!
  • Walking the Walk
    With the school to themselves, the Victorious crew decides to go for a little campus stroll.
  • Sneak Peek
    When sneaking out of detention, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for patroling principals!
  • Cat's Cradle
    If there was an all star team for the yarn olympics, Cat would make first string!
  • Just Beck-ause
    In the Breakfast Bunch, Avan Jogia plays the role of the bad boy...just Beck-ause he can!
  • Zip Your Lips!
    Jade's having trouble keeping quiet in the library. She can't help it. She's used to yelling!
  • Classified!
    Victoria Justice is keeping this script super secret. We'll just have to learn her lines when the show hits the tube!
  • Study Buddies
    If Jade and Cat are forced to share a seat during Saturday detention, we may be in for some BIG problems. Let's just say, Jade likes her space.
  • Hollywood Arts Hideout
    With a super strict Vice Principal on the loose, Tori needs a place to hide! Looks like this janitor's closet will do...for now.
  • You're Making Me Blush!
    Victoria pauses for a quick make-up touch up in between scenes. Doesn't she look purdy?