Victorious: Driving Tori Crazy photo album

  • Lax Liz
    In the face of commuter commotion, Liz Gillies keeps it calm, cool, and collected. Mainly cool!
  • Comfy Commute
    Avan Jogia and Ariana Grande take it easy on the hottest ride to school you could ask for.
  • Group Shot
    The gang's having a great time just enjoying each other's company (yeah, the party bus probably helps too).
  • Keeping the Peace
    Vic's a showstopper for sure, so when a traffic jam tries to literally stop the show, you know she'll find a way to keep it moving.
  • Dance Party Bus
    Seems like the group is cranking sweet beats on the bus, if only every school bus was like this!
  • Hand Raiser
    She hasn't even gotten to school yet and she already knows all the answers. She's a genius!
  • And...Action!
    Time to make the Victorious magic happen on the sweetest set yet!
  • Perfect Posing
    The girls take a glamour shot and strike some pretty poses, looks like fun!
  • Girl Grooves
    The party isn't over yet as the girls break out some smooth moves. Tune in to see how the party ends!