Victorious: Fun On The Set photo album

  • Silly For String
    Tori and Beck are having a blast spraying each other with silly string, and let's face it, who wouldn't?
  • Perfect Fit
    Tori may be the newbie in her Hollywood Arts crew, but she's taking that silly string like a champ.
  • Thrifty Divas
    When a shop-attack strikes, Tori grabs her sis and hits the racks to beat the fever!
  • Telephone Break
    What's better than working with your BFFs every day? Posing for pics with them! The Victorious girls smile it up in this old school phone booth in between takes.
  • One Leap for Broccoli
    We hear that eating veggies makes you big and strong, but we had no idea that they suspended you in mid-air too!
  • 'Stache Face
    If you ever doubted Vic's obsession with 'staches, then doubt no more. She loves them so much she even wears 'em herself.
  • Tasty Treats
    Remember The Diddly Bops? Jade, Tori and the rest of the gang sang all about their favorite foods, and even dressed like them too.
  • Call Me Becka
    Which guy do you know that's willing to put on a dress to help out a friend in need of a double? We only know of one, and he's Beck-tacular!
  • WOODn't Cha Know?
    Rex takes some R&R time backstage to sit down and go over some lines -- after all, this is one puppet that always has alot to say!
  • Bro Love
    In between takes, Beck and Robbie like to settle things with a friendly face to face.
  • Trina The Diva
    Everyone knows that Trina is one tough cookie -- unfortunately for Robbie, she always seems to make that VERY clear.
  • Seventies Baby
    Who could forget the groovy look that Victoria rocked in April Fools Blank? If she took a trip back to the 70's, she'd fit right in!
  • Tori Stalker
    A creepy doll made to look like Tori could only be the work of one person -- crazy Ponnie!
  • Can YOU Dig It?
    Victoria's 70's hairstyle is farrrr outttt! And yup, we're totally diggin' it.
  • Kissy Goat
    In other April Fools Blank news, Sikowitz made friends with a super sweet goat. This teacher's pet even gave him a smooch to seal the deal!
  • Happy Floater
    So THAT'S how that happened. Robbie, if we were you, we'd have a seatbelt for that!
  • A Guy Called Slick Back
    This game show contestant looks a lot like an angrier version of Robbie. Oh wait...
  • Family Vacation
    This happy bunch has so much fun together that they even take the same vacays too.
  • Cheese Attack
    There's nothing cheesy about Jade holding her over-sized fork like a weapon. Then again, it's <i>so Jade</i> of her.
  • Victori-Yes
    Get those tummies ready little mice, there's enough cheese going around to feed both of you!
  • Fitting In
    Beck and Sinjin fit right in with the rest of these Yerbanian residents. Hey, when you can't beat 'em, just join 'em!
  • Caped Heroes
    Nice jean one-sies you two - and it even brings a cape, to boot! Time to fly out of this Yerba prison in denim style!