Victorious: Funniest Moments of 2012 photo album

  • Parrot Perch
    This bird knows there's no better place to nest than Cat's head, good thing it's a wig!
  • Cheese!...and Mustard
    Tori wasn't exactly ready for her surprise close up with Mason Thornesmith...
  • A Couple of Comedians
    These starlets take dress up seriously, don't they look happily married?
  • Backseat Jam
    Who could forget the cast's hilarious encounter with Dr. Rhapsody and their renditon of '5 Fingaz to the Face'?!
  • Retro
    Tori and her friends singlehandedly made polyester stylish on Sinjin's gameshow!
  • Time for a Trim
    Jade's cruelty in front of Moose may not be funny, but Cat's reaction sure is!
  • Food Fiasco
    Tori's infamous ravioli breakdown can't be forgotten, it was shockingly hilarious!
  • Lo Mein Malfunction
    Ponnie may have been crazy, but seeing Tori covered in noodles is pure comedy!
  • Mini Me
    Though the resemblance is uncanny, Tori wasn't very impressed with Ponnie's 'toy'.
  • Talk to the hand
    Jade and Robbie as a couple... what a joke!